NestEggs, Inc.
is Registered Investment Advisor specializing in the design, implementation, recordkeeping and investment management of retirement plans. Our design capabilities focus on the unique demographics of each client, as we apply our 30 years’ experience to find a formula that provides maximum value and tax efficiency to owners. All of our clients’ plans allow self-direction of investments by all participants as well as a daily trading environment, enabling participants with different investment goals to pursue their interests independently. Through an affiliation with the institutional arm of TD Ameritrade, we can offer almost 14,000 no-load mutual funds, as well as access to all listed securities.  

Our Principals

Experience. There’s no substitute in the complex and rapidly-changing world of retirement plan regulation and investment management. Each of NestEggs’ Principals boasts decades of hands-on experience, receiving national recognition both by authoring Plan Design texts used by attorneys, accountants, and other professionals and by co-authoring the first nationally-distributed balance-forward retirement plan recordkeeping software. Experience our experience.

Rob Slimmon

Connie Slimmon

Our Support Team

The potential value of NestEggs’ principals’ experience can only be realized when complemented by a support team of equal quality. Please click here to learn about the key members of the team that provides day-to-day client support.

Kevin B. Cheezum
Chief Compliance Officer
Irene Adelman
Windy Fraser
Back Office Manager
Sarah Gronvold
Alison Hollaway
Assistant Plan Administrator
Ildiko Finley
Assistant Plan Administrator

The Company We Keep

One of America’s leading names for high-integrity, low-cost advanced financial services. TD's institutional division provides NestEggs with superb custodial services, as well as direct trading access to virtually all mutual funds from every family and most listed securities. Ask us how our relationship can help you access the wealth of sophisticated resources they offer.

Fidelity TD Ameritrade