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What do we do?

businessman holding golden egg from nestNestEggs provides customized professional retirement planning solutions to privately held businesses. We use our design expertise to achieve the specific objectives of the owner(s), and then we support those efforts through on-going record-keeping services.

In addition, NestEggs is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor* which means we can assume the role of Investment Manager and offer plan participants managed portfolio options and one-on-one investment guidance.  Or, we can team up with our clients’ Investment Advisors to further enhance positive outcomes. Our approach offers flexibility to Plan Sponsors and provides a “one-stop-shop” experience whereby NestEggs can “stand alone” or incorporate third parties and support existing relationships.

*”SEC Registered Investment Advisor” does not imply an endorsement by the Securities and Exchange Commission, nor does it indicate the advisor has achieved any specialized skill or training.

Where can you find us?

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, NestEggs serves clients locally and nationally, with a heavy concentration of plan sponsors located in the Northeast (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York). The combination of state-of-the-art technology and our “boots on the ground” efforts enables us to deliver our full scope of services regardless of where a client is based.

How do we deliver our services?

NestEggs’ breadth of professional, technological and investment knowledge enables it to utilize a unique operational platform in which record-keeping, investment management, web access and compliance are combined under one roof, yielding enhanced value and a single dedicated account representative as the interface for all client and participant inquiries.

Why do we recommend a Fiduciary, fee-based approach?

Our fee-for-service, Fiduciary approach is based on the premise that a retirement plan is not a ‘product’ to be bought or sold, but rather a nuanced tax saving vehicle that requires ongoing support. As such, diligent, expert handling is necessary to insure compliance with IRS and DOL (Department of Labor) regulations; and to provide investment oversight so that participant interests are protected.  NestEggs  is committed to delivering the highest threshold of service in every area of plan operation and our platform is designed to support professionals who understand the advantages of working with a Fiduciary.

NestEggs operates on a fee-for-service basis to protect the ability to provide independent, unbiased advisory services. We never receive commissions from the investments in our clients’ plans.  Our transparent business model eliminates conflicts-of-interest that arise when a broker sells a plan whose investments are loaded up with expenses that pay him commissions.

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