NestEggs supports our fellow professionals with expertise that enhances their client relationships. Our specialized retirement plan design skills complement the CPA or Financial Planner’s effort to maximize clients’ net worth. Having no conflicts of interest like commissions or proprietary products, we understand the challenge of a professional service business, where every day we must answer the client’s question: “What have you done for me today?”

Ideas are our currency; efficient delivery our stock in trade. Bring us your toughest client objectives and demographics. Let us demonstrate client-centric designs that will strengthen the trust and confidence you have earned. Make NestEggs another arrow in your quiver of solutions.

  • Why NestEggs?

We sit on your side of the table, where experience and analysis yield thoughtful solutions. Since our compensation is not dependent on commissions or products, we are not dependent on ‘selling’ anything. Sound advice builds client trust.

  • What type of business would benefit from our services and expertise?

NestEggs’ ideal client is a small- to medium-sized entrepreneurial business, where the often dichotomous goals of tax savings for owners and competitive benefits for the employees create challenges. We’ve literally “written the book” on design techniques in this environment.

  • How can NestEggs add value for your clients?

The same way you do, by offering a steady stream of ideas and adaptive plan design that recognize client businesses are moving targets, and therefore our techniques and skills must constantly evolve

  • Why does “independence” matter?

There’s no substitute for transparency. The retirement plan world is fraught with hidden fees and conflicts. Like its professional CPA and Financial Planning counterparts, NestEggs’ compensation is fully-disclosed. We don’t pretend to be the cheapest solution, but we hope to offer the greatest value.

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