Fee Transparency

iStock_000006080681MediumWhile many retirement plan and investment advisors are compensated for their services through embedded fees/commissions and revenue sharing arrangements with fund companies, NestEggs takes a different approach. As an SEC-registered Investment Advisor* and Fiduciary, our primary objective is to provide independent, conflict-free advisory services in a fee-transparent manner.

NestEggs discloses all plan expenses (fixed and asset-based) with the belief that a plan sponsor should know and understand the bottom-line operating expenses of the plan and, equally as important, the services that are being provided for those fees.

Meaningful measures of “value” when comparing different retirement plan providers include:

  • Plan Design Efficiency – What is the sum of the incremental contribution for the owner and the decremental contribution for employees? Money not spent on employees contributions is the equivalent of cash not spent on expenses.
  • Administrative Costs – These are the actual hard-dollar costs paid either by the Plan or the Employer outside of fund expenses. Includes a fixed recordkeeping fee AND an asset-based fee.
  • Fund Expenses – The comparative funds’ Expense Ratios, applied to the amount of money in the plan, is as relevant as administrative expenses, since they reduce the return of participants.
  • Fund Returns – Return Differentials are also relevant when applied to current assets. To the extent a fund offers a higher return, not using it is a lost ‘opportunity cost’.
  • Services and Expertise – Scope of services and expert advice that will be provided in the areas of plan design, record-keeping, Fiduciary liability, employee education.

*”SEC Registered Investment Advisor” does not imply an endorsement by the Securities and Exchange Commission, nor does it indicate the advisor has achieved any specialized skills or training.

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