Plan Administration and Recordkeeping

NestEggs’ clients can expect a full scope of administrative/recordkeeping services to be performed by experienced and credentialed Plan Administrators. We have 2 goals when it comes to the administration of a retirement plan 1) ensure the plan is operating efficiently and is compliant with IRS and DOL directives at all times, and 2) remove undue burden for the day-to-day operation of the plan from the shoulders of our plan contact(s). To this end, NestEggs accepts responsibility for the following recordkeeping functions:

  • Compliance/Non-Discrimination Testing
  • Government Filings: 1096; 1099-R; 945; signature-ready Form 5500s
  • Record-keeping; Daily Valuation
  • Preliminary Calculations (Cross-Tested)
  • Preparation of Plan Document, Amendments, Material Modifications
  • Loans; Distributions; Rollovers; QDROs

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